My begin of following the Way of Spirit

I think that turning point in my life was when I first time tried Salvia Divinorum.
At thet time I had some psychodelic experience, but definitely I was ignorant in this area.
I was thinking that I can handle every psychodelic substance which I will try.
And I was wrong.


On first time I tried x10 extract of Salvia Divinorum. Just a little bit. One shot from small glass pipe. It was maybe 100mg of this extract.
It was enough to crashed my personality.
About 30 secunds after I took Salvia, started to feel energies. I didn’t have any halucinations,
but I felt that the world is ending and I musy run to survive.
I didn’t renember that I took something, that I was under the influence of Salvia.
I had big feeling of Deja Vu. I was thinking that I know this from my dreams.

This powerful expirience ended after 3 minutes.
I was very confused and frightened – what was that? Never ever again!
But after about one houre I cooled down and decide to try it again after few days.

That was about 7 years ago.
Since that moment i’m still using Salvia Divinorum, I’m still learning how to do it.
Almost all lessens are difficult, especially for my ego.
But just 6 months ago I found the missing skill to right way of using Salvia Divinorum – distance to experience.
Just pure feeling without any mind identification and analizing.

Soon I will write about that missing skill, it can be useful in all area of life, not just in psychodelic sessions



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