Summary after one month of using Salvia Divinorum in everyday meditation sessions

I decide to make some experiment – one month of everyday meditation session with small dosage of Salvia Divinorum.

During this experiment I was feeling very well.
After every session I got much power and I was much more self confidental.
That was good occasion to create new possitive habits.
And I took that chance 🙂

Now I’m after this experiment.
First meditation session without any external helper was hard.
My mind was very distracted. It was impossible for me to get deep concentration state.
After 3 day was much better.
Last clean meditation session was deep and pleasend.

We will see what happens.
I decide to stop using Salvia that way for next month.

One exception.
If I find brave for pychodelic session then I will take
right dose of Salvia and I will trip… we will see 😉


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