Fundamental skill for brave Psychonaut – Vipassana retreat benefits

During 10 days Vipassana retreat I realized that I mastering new, very valuable skill.
That is an ability to keep distance to own experience.


Before that, often during my Salvia session I was analyzing my vision and I was building on it my own interpretations.
That interpretation was from my mind.
So I moved only in space of mind.

It can be dangerous. Mind is kingdom of EGO.
Doing that way is as walking in labyrinth without possibility to get out.

Now, when I’m during Salvia session, I’m focusing on my body sensation.
I’m observing my mind and emotions.
But I’m trying to let in state without any judgment and analyzing.
Just pure experience. Pure observing without identify with anything.

It can be very hard, especially when body sensations are very powerful,
when appear heavy emotions and thoughts are trying to pass control.
In that situation staying with balanced mind is vary important.
But it’s a skill and skill can be trained.

It is worth the effort.
The benefits go much further than meditation sessions.
All dimensions of life can be better.



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