What can help when you starting to give up? Cure for a slight depression

From time to time I have some kind of slight depression.

I will try to analyze that phenomenon.

The main reason is expectations about reality.
I create in my head an image of my future – what I meet up with.
When my vision is missed with the actual image, there is no acceptance on my part.

So solution for that situation is very easy – just accept reality.
Easy to say but hard to do… I know that.

Definitely we need something much stronger.
I suggest to use some kind of anchor which is attached in reality.
For me that anchor is a feature of universe.
Feature which is based on my truly believes which comes from real experience.

My powerful anchor which helps me back to the reality, to the moment of NOW.

I experienced that I’m a part of universe.
My body is build from pieces of universe, from parts of stars.
The deepest part of me came form spiritual world.
It possible to have connection with that highest part of self which know everything about matter world.
I experienced that my human possibility are much higher then five senses.
Life in material world is like a dream. Matter is not important, it’s just a toy.
More important are energies which are in me all the time.
More important is keep the distance to experience which helps to observe reality without identify.
I care about child curiosity and stay open minded.

That is my powerful anchor to reality



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